Random Rambles and Esoteric Observations, Part#2

When my much beloved Fausto Coppi mug didn’t survive a recent office move, developed hairline fractures and started weeping hot java all over my desk I took it as sign from the cycling gods that I needed a new way of holding and imbibing this semi-precious, live-enriching beverage.

While there was a strong temptation to go for a straight up replacement, or even one of the other fabulously fantastic designs available from The Handmade Cyclist , I thought there was an opportunity for something a bit different and more creative.

So in a fit of unbridled megalomania and an utterly shameless act of self –promotion I decided to make my own SLJ mug. Quietly pleased with the end result, and certainly generating several quizzical looks throughout the office.

2015-06-05 07.52.39


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