The Gastone Nencini Chapeau Awards

SLJ Chapeau

More coveted than the “coveted Pointless Trophy©”, more glorious than receiving kudos on Strava and just occasionally a bigger slap in the face than the Carbuncle awards and more opprobrious than a Razzie, I give you (drum roll, trumpet fanfare) the Gastone Nencini Chapeau Awards.

Celebrating the wise, the witty, the weird, the wacky, the wayward, the wretched, the worthy and the worthless in the world of cycling – wimps, wafflers ,whingers, the wayward and the wonderful – from the famous to the futile, international hero to the unheralded, the omnipresent and those brief gadflies that occasionally flicker across our consciousness before disappearing forever.

Our award goes to:

Carl “Dabman” Dale

For unremitting cheerfulness while all the world crashes around you.

Gastone Nencini salutes you – Chapeau!


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